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Guardforce Macau’s Annual Dinner

Guardforce Macau held its Annual Dinner on July 19 and 20. Guardforce Group’s CEO Ida Chi and the management joined the Macau staff in the joyful event.

Ida thanked the Guardforce Macau teams for their contributions, as the group broke new grounds in recent years, with the introduction of patrol and concierge robots, Tri-guard safe deposit box service, GRID cyber security solution, smart bin and Anti-wandering solutions. The Macau office has also introduced smart cash deposit machine, courier, alarm control and electronic security services in the market.

Awards were presented during the Annual Dinner to show appreciation for staff contributions. Our management also took to the stage to perform and entertain the staff. The evening came to a climactic end after the lucky draw. Other than the big lucky draw prizes, everyone went home with a recycle bag as a gift for the evening

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