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Guardforce Macau Chief Interviewed By Exmoo News About Coin Supply

Exmoo News interview Guardforce macau | GM Susanna Vong

Guardforce Macau's Managing Director Susanna Vong shared insights about the supply and demand for coins in Macau in a media interview with Macau’s exmoo news.

Guardforce Macau provides coin collection services for customers, many of them are retailers. The amount of coins processed last year amounted to 9 million patacas. To enhance efficiency, Guardforce Macau has introduced the Cash Deposit Machine that can automatically identify the value of coins and banknotes and count the deposited sum automatically. The sum will be directly deposited into a customer’s account, thus reducing customers’ workload on account reconciliation.

As well as quick counting of cash, the Guardforce Cash Deposit Machine can also accurately identify multiple currencies and screen out counterfeits. Coupled with the one-stop cash-in-transit services, Guardforce Macau has the right answer to help Macau businesses enhance security logistics efficiency. 

Exmoo News interview Guardforce macau | Cash deposit machine

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