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Guardforce Macau Contributed To Smooth Finish For Macau Grand Prix

Guardforce Macau | Grand Prix 2019 | Event Guard | Security Service

The annual Macau Grand Prix was successfully held on 5-20 November. Guardforce Macau was engaged to secure the private area of the event. Guards were dispatched to station at the rooftop of the Macau Grand Prix building and the bridge connecting to the spectator stand to check permits of staff and visitors in order to prevent unauthorised entry and ensure the safety of the venue. Good security helped to give contestants and staff peace of mind to rest and perform at their best at the event.

Guardforce Macau was honoured to have once again provided security service for Macau’s annual spectacular Grand Prix 2019.

Guardforce Macau | Grand Prix 2019 -  Bridge | Event Guard | Security Service

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