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Guardforce Macau Secured Macau Grand Prix Again

Grand Prix | Event Security - Guardforce Macau

The annual Macau Grand Prix was held at scheduled on 20-22 November 2020. Guardforce Macau was once again appointed the security services provider for the extravaganza. During the event, security guards were stationed on the rooftop of the Edificio Do Grande Premio building and the bridge connecting to the Grand Stand. They checked the entry authorisation of staff and guests as well as monitor participants’ body temperatures, to ensure event safety by preventing trespassing and entry of people who have a fever.

Guardforce Macau has substantial experience in security services for large-scale events. Our security force takes their duties seriously and serves as the first line of defence to keep events and participants safe and smooth.

Grand Prix 2020 | Security Guard - Guardforce Macau

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