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Guardforce Macau Virusguard Keeps BMW Car Show Sanitised

Guardforce Macau deployed VirusGuard for the BMW car show to keep the event setting thoroughly sanitised throughout the event. The virus-fighting robot uses highly an effective vaporised disinfectant containing chlorine dioxide and phytoncide to decontaminate the floor and the air. It ensured a pathogen-free environment for event participants to explore the collection of luxury cars on display with absolute peace of mind.

VirusGuard navigates fully automatically in operation, with smart anti-collision feature to stop and go around objects during its cleaning routine. The smart features helped to make sure the robot would not bump into people at the showground.

The smart robot is fully autonomous, able to determine a cleaning location, working route and schedule all by itself. It has a long battery life, and will auto-return for charging when power is low.  This means it doesn’t need a human minder to keep an eye on it.

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