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Guarding Service In Macau – How To Find A High-Quality Security Company

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Macau is one of the most densely populated areas of the world. With just over 650,000 people squeezed into 12.7 square miles and a gaming industry seven times larger than that of Las Vegas, it’s no wonder competition in operating a guarding service in Macau is fierce. Over 50 security companies are present in Macau but as each of them fights for business by cutting prices, how do you ensure you are choosing a quality service? If you are looking for a guarding service in Macau, this article will show you how to find a high-quality security company.

Going cheap on security often means a compromise on quality

With such competition for guarding services in Macau, security companies are expected to reduce prices to win projects. But going cheap on security can be more expensive in the long run if you hire the wrong company.

Macau is the 9th largest recipient of international tourist income in the world. Many come for the casinos, others come for the vast array of events on offer. Event guarding in Macau is one the largest projects for any security company, and often the most difficult. To fulfil such a contract, many security companies will hire part-time staff at low cost. But by doing this, service standards are lowered, the experience is not there and their ability to deal with unpredicted situations is lacking.

Risks of compromising on quality

Security staff are seen by the public as being a member of your staff and by compromising on quality you risk injury, damage, loss of property and reputation. At the very least this is headache, at worst it could be financially disastrous. Therefore, you need to know what to look for and what questions to ask to make sure you aren’t exposing yourself to risks.

How to find a high-quality guarding service in Macau

With the relatively large number of security companies in such a small area as Macau, how do you ensure you are hiring a high-quality guarding service? Here are some essential elements to look for and what you should enquire about:

1. Ensure you are hiring authorised security guards

To be classed as an authorised security guard in Macau, a guard must have been granted the Professional Permit from the Public Security Police Force of Macau. You should enquire with the security company you are looking to hire that their guards are holders of this permit.

2. Ensure you are hiring well-trained security guards

Training is an essential element to the role of a professional security guard. This training should include crowd management and venue security so the guards are alert to risks, can evaluate situations and take appropriate actions. So ensure you enquire about what training the security guards have been given.

3.  Ensure the security company has the correct licence

As well as the security guards themselves being correctly authorised, the security company itself should have the correct licence for the service it is providing. Enquire with the security company that it is authorised correctly to provide the service you require.

Guardforce Macau offers a guarding service you can trust

Guardforce Macau provides security personnel who are all full-time and dedicated to providing a high-quality service at every step. All Guardforce’s Security Officers have been granted the Professional Permit from the Public Security Police Force of Macau and are fully authorised security guards.

Each highly-professional guard is given regular training, including Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S), first aid, etc., to ensure they have all the up-to-date and relevant skills to fulfil clients’ varied requirements.

Guardforce Macau provides a complete security solution in Macau to offices, residential buildings and retail outlets, at large events or functions for the government, casinos and hotels, and the list goes on.

Guarding service in Macau

Whatever your security needs are, you should ensure you are asking the right questions to your chosen security company so you don’t expose yourself to the risks of poor-quality or unprofessional guarding. Guardforce Macau offers an unmatched guarding service with an emphasis on quality and standards.

To learn more about Guardforce’s guarding service in Macau, visit here.

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