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Kicking off 30th Anniversary celebrations

Guard | 30th Anniversary - Guardforce MacauOver the years, Guardforce Macau has been evolving from delivering mainly traditional security services to now offering a wide range of technologically driven innovation services.

Internally, Guardforce Macau has switched from paper-based operation to a digital Track and Trace System. Externally, the company has been rolling out one after another innovative solution such as the first-in-Macau anti-wandering solution, cash deposit machine, smart bin, smart hygiene and robotics solutions. Its innovativeness keeps the company ahead of our competitors. Winning the 2019 Award of Innovation of the Macau Business Awards 2019 for the Anti-wandering solution reflected how far Guardforce Macau has progressed in just 30 years.

Guardforce Macau is committed to staying true to its mission: “We deliver innovative solutions, fortified security and genuine care for the community, with the foresight to identify evolving needs.”

It also vows to “Innovating the future beyond 30 years” to mark its milestone 30th Anniversary.

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