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Why You Need a Comprehensive Security Provider to Manage All Commercial Risks

Guardforce Macau Comprehensive Security Services

The security company landscape in Macau is filled with many small vendors providing single lines of security service. It’s typical to find local security guarding companies that are family-run affairs or, for instance, an individual operator running an electronic security system company, selling products and performing installations as a one-man band or with the help of a few staff.

Why are there so many security companies in Macau?

Though Macau is very small, covering an area of just 12.7 sq mi, it is densely populated and is a huge draw for tourists who come for its enormous casinos, luxury hotels, vibrant shopping areas, and even prestigious events such as the annual Macau Grand Prix. As such, the need for an array of security services is high.

Local businesses in Macau, especially SMEs, prefer to recruit different security vendors for their various security needs. For example, they may choose an office alarm and CCTV system from one vendor and security guarding services from another. For banking in their daily cash income, they may even just use their own staff instead of a professional cash-in-transit company.

Their justification for such a practice is to save money. And though it may seem on the surface that picking the cheapest quote for a particular security service at a particular time is less costly, the fact is, in the long-run, it’s more cost effective and safer to choose one reputable vendor for all security services. 

Why companies should choose a comprehensive security services provider to manage all their security needs

Sourcing a reputable, professional and reliable comprehensive service vendor saves not only the hidden costs of searching for new vendors and managing them separately, but also businesses can reduce their overall security risks. Here are some of the key advantages of choosing a single security services provider:

  • A single point of contact for easy management, instead of multiple contacts from different vendors
  • Having a single professional vendor can provide a full picture of the security risks the company may be exposed to, and lower the overall business risk in the long run
  • Service quality can be assured and standardized, where it may vary when using different vendors causing extra work for the user
  • Comprehensive security service vendors who have an international background are more financially sound and offer stable performance that is unlikely to be impacted by economic conditions
  • A reputable large-scale security company can offer more service options to solve different security needs, from the traditional to the innovative using state-of-art technology

One such comprehensive security company in Macau is Guardforce. It is one of the very few one-stop, total security providers in the region and is the first security company established in Macau to hold the highest security license there.  Guardforce’s diversified service portfolio, including cash-in-transit and its end-to-end cash management process and ATM management, security guard services, and electronic security including CCTV surveillance systems, along with its proven track record makes it the trusted security provider of large corporations from all sectors, government departments and also SMEs in the Macau market.  Recently, the company also has started to deploy innovative solutions using state-of-the-art technology, including smart cash deposit machines, facial recognition systems, video analytics solutions and robotics.

With such an array of services on offer, businesses of all sizes can be sure that all their current and future security needs are covered with just one comprehensive security provider.

Learn more about how Guardforce Macau can save your business time and money whilst also providing peace of mind here.

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