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Asia leading security solutions provider since 1990

Guardforce is the first security company in Macau and one of only two in the city offering a comprehensive range of security services from Cash-in-Transit to Electronic Security and Guarding. We are dedicated to delivering professional, reliable and innovative services to protect lives and assets.

Guardforce has built an elite team of well-trained and stringently vetted security professionals in Macau. We also leverage the group’s state-of-the-art technologies to deliver top-notch security services to companies and individuals. Guardforce is at the top of the list of security companies in Macau, trusted by government departments, leading banks, retailers, corporations and the community at large.

Guardforce has been operating in Macau since 1990. We maintain a team of around 600 people and 20 armoured vehicles in Macau. Be it major companies, SMEs or individual homes, Guardforce serves all clients with our professional tailored services.

Guardforce is the first security company in Macau and holds the number one security license of Macau.
Total security solution

Guardforce is the first security company to set up in Macau and holds the number one security license of Macau. We are one of two companies in the city to provide a comprehensive range of security services, from Cash-in-Transit to Electronic Security, Guarding and more.

Strong facilities and security protocol

Vaults, control Room and storage rooms in Guardforce Macau are designed to be impenetrable. The facilities are protected by a strict set of security protocol. They are manned round-the-clock and protected by advanced electronic security control system and interlocking man-lock. They are also built to resist fire, water or other hazards, ensuring customers’ valuables stored in the facilities are safe.

Elite force

Guardforce has built an elite force to deliver excellent security services. From the very top level of the leadership to all frontline and other support staff, the collective experience of the Guardforce team ensure customers enjoy the highest level of professionalism and expertise. Our staff in Macau have been with Guardforce for an average of five years, indicating a low turnover that contributes to maintaining consistently high service standards.

Technologically driven approach

Guardforce is quick to leverage advanced technologies and security installations to tailor customer-oriented solutions that serve not only security functions but also contribute to enhancing clients’ business performance.

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