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Guardforce Infection Control Integrated Solution

Keep your environment contagion-free with technology

A cost-efficient innovative solution for Macau to stop infectious diseases at the door

The ravaging impact of infectious disease such as Covid-19 on global communities and economies underlines the importance of implementing consistent and long-term measures to stop the chain of infection.

Body temperature checks and constant disinfection should be a routine practice in all public facilities such as offices, hospitals, shopping centres, educational campuses, daycare centres, airports and other transport hubs, to protect all staff and users.

These measures don’t have to be labour-intensive or invasive. Guardforce Macau is applying its expertise in innovating IoT-based security systems, combining state-of-art technology such as facial recognition, visitor management system and robotics solution to help you keep pathogens and their carriers at the door.

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1. Smart Disinfection Station

Guardforce’s Smart Disinfection Station uses a high-power ultrasonic diffuser to disperse disinfectant by up to 1 to 2 metres to sterilize surfaces. It is a cost-effective solution other than using disinfection robots. Its 13L tank has the capacity to enable continuous operation. The flexible device is ideal for use in a relatively small space such as a classroom.

disinfection station - operation modes

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2. Introducing Guardforce Smart Air Sanitizer – for fast and lasting disinfection


This will not change – we have to live with bacteria and viruses including Covid-19 variants. What we can change is how to make use of advanced technology to keep the air free of pathogens in workplaces and living spaces.

Meet the Smart Air Sanitizer, a compact one-stop smart disinfection system that diffuses human-safe disinfectant to every corner of an indoor space by ultrasonic atomization, not spraying!

Set it to work 30 minutes before the day begins in an office or a school, and the disinfection effect will last for 8 hours. Each single device can cover an area of up to 1,000 square feet. With the machine’s proprietary NB-IoT (Narrowband-IoT) technology, multiple devices can be used together to cover bigger spaces, all controlled via a single app! The system can be set to work on a fixed schedule, with flexible options to operate on command.

The system’s IoT platform gives administrators one-stop control for managing the environmental hygiene of an entire office, school or facility, as well as generating reports on the air quality of different areas.


  • A single app for setting timer, remote operation and system control anytime anywhere
  • The disinfectant, Chlorine Dioxide, has been tested and confirmed to be effective and human-safe by Canada’s University of British Colombia
  • Diffusion by ultrasonic atomization at adjusted levels to suit different needs
  • Effective for 8 hours after just 30 minutes of diffusion
  • IoT connectivity enabling one-stop control and data access over a single dashboard
  • Cloud data at fingertips for generating reports with ease

Airteach - app control | Guardforce Macau


  • Constant and recurring disinfection by diffusion, keeping indoor air quality in tip-top condition at all times
  • Harmless disinfectant diffused through the air, penetrating all corners of every space
  • Support by a professional team comprising science experts
  • Easy to install, compact, user-friendly and cost-efficient
  • App control for operating the system anytime anywhere

Airtech features | Guardforce Macau



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Disinfect your surrounding as often as needed

Guardforce Macau’s Smart VirusGuard can be operated round-the-clock to spray and disinfect air, floors and walls with a chlorine dioxide and phytoncide solution certified safe for humans in lab tests. It works constantly and consistently, at a fraction of the costs of hiring cleaning professionals.

Smart VirusGuard is powered by an internal disinfection system and can work on auto-pilot along preset routes to accurately and efficiently spray disinfect in various work modes.

The pioneering device developed by Guardforce Macau can automatically returns to base for recharging at low power. It is able to navigate autonomously into elevators to disinfect all floors of hospitals, offices, factories, schools and other public facilities in Macau.

 Features and Benefits

  • Auto-disinfection – spray disinfect floors with sterilization aerosol.
  • Autonomous: auto-map disinfection locations, routes and schedules, auto-pilot into elevators for multi-floor disinfection, auto-return to base to recharge with long battery life, and smart anti-collision function included.
  • Flexible – clean and disinfect based on pre-set schedules and regularity.
  • Safe – use highly effective chlorine dioxide and phytoncide disinfection solution, lab-tested and certified safe for humans.
  • Economical – cost-efficient compared to hiring professional cleaners, the more you use, the more you save over the long run.

Being the first and leading security company and innovator in Macau, Guardforce Macau is proud to add Guardforce Fever-Guard and Smart Robotics to its extensive range of traditional and innovative security products encompassing Cash-in-transitCash ProcessingSecurity GuardingElectronic security and more. 

To learn more about the infection control integrated solution or any other Guardforce Macau services, contact us.

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