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Cash Processing

Savings and security, tailored to your requirements


Guardforce maintains a purpose-built, highly secure Cash Processing Centre where round-the-clock one-stop processing of clients’ cash is handled in a streamlined process. Every step from counting, sorting and verifying to depositing cash into clients’ specified bank accounts is handled with the utmost efficiency within a committed time frame. Customised reports of cash management are prepared according to each clients’ specific accounting and management reporting requirements. This helps us maintain a trusting relationship with our clients and provides complete transparency with the process from start to finish.

Cash is collected from clients’ retail outlets by our professional dispatch team before it begins the processing stage in our centre. Protected by access control systems and constantly monitored by real-time video surveillance, our entire cash management process is secure and professional.

Outsourcing cash processing to Guardforce Macau also helps clients eliminate bank fees and reduce operational risks. It also allows your company to spare more time and resources on more important in-house matters, as the entire process is designed to be hassle-free and simple.  

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Sub-treasury service

Solid track record in highly specialised sub-treasury service

Guardforce’s sub-treasury services assist banks by providing solutions for managing cash forecasting, collecting and processing, as well as supplying emergency cash. All processed banknotes meet the deposit standards of note-issuing banks, and all cash and valuables are stored in bank-vault-standard secured strong rooms.

Guardforce is a major service provider in Macau with a solid track record in providing sub-treasury services for banks. With industry leading customer support and years of experience in the industry, Guardforce is well poised to provide secure cash processing solutions to businesses across Macau.

If you would like to learn more about our cash management process, contact a member of our team today.

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