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5 Important Benefits Of Using A Smart Cash Deposit Machine For Retailers And Currency Exchange Shops

Cash Management | Smart Cash Deposit Machine - Guardforce MacauMost businesses operating in Macau rely heavily on tourism and this applies especially to retailers and currency exchange shops. The success of these cash-orientated businesses is directly related to the number of tourists visiting the region, but this number fluctuates and can vary considerably throughout the year. To manage these fluctuations, it is vital for retailers and currency exchange shops to strive for increases in efficiency, streamlining of their workforces and automation. This fact is made even more important by the generally decreasing labour participation rate in Macau throughout 2019. But how can these businesses achieve this and deal with the unexpected rises and falls in customer traffic? Well, one device that can make a huge difference is a Smart Cash Deposit Machine.

How does a Smart Cash Deposit Machine work?

A Smart Cash Deposit Machine, such as the device developed by Guardforce Macau, is a total cash solution, taking care of clients’ cash income starting right in the shop itself. The daily cash income is safely deposited in the cash machine by authorised staff and is then collected by Guardforce’s armed guards and transported using armoured vehicles to a secure cash processing facility where it sorted and deposited into clients’ specified bank accounts within 24 hours.

Watch the Guardforce Smart Cash Deposit Machine in action here:

Such a system has a number of benefits for retailers and currency exchange shops in particular, being such cash-orientated businesses. Find out the 5 most important benefits of using a Smart Cash Deposit Machine below.

5 important benefits of using a Smart Cash Deposit Machine

1. Counting banknotes manually is not only laborious, it is also open to human error. A Smart Cash Deposit Machine not only speeds up this process, it also eliminates the chances of errors occurring. The machine sorts notes quickly (600 notes per minute) and generates a detailed report showing the denomination breakdown, saving both time and manpower costs (especially on each shift change). The device also accepts multi-currencies which is perfect for tourist-heavy Macau.

2) Counterfeit note detection is extremely important when dealing with large amounts of cash, but unfortunately, humans, even with some of the POS gadgets now available, find it difficult to detect counterfeit notes. A Smart Cash Deposit Machine includes an intuitive and advanced counterfeit note detection function to give peace of mind to businesses.

3) Keeping cash in the store increase the risks of both internal and external theft. Installing a cash deposit machine significantly reduces this risk by functioning as a highly secure safe. It can only be operated by authorised staff, is robustly built and includes sophisticated anti-theft devices. The auto-sealing bags used by the machine also offer an extra layer of protection.

4) The machine allows real-time management and monitoring of the cash income level. Once cash is deposited, the data is uploaded to the server and the details can be accessed anytime, anywhere by authorised personnel via PC, smart phone or tablet. This means that management no longer need to wait for staff to produce reports and is especially useful for operators with multiple outlets.

5) Guardforce’s Smart Cash Deposit Machines are also simple to use, they fit in any size of premises and are extremely economical as they are available to either lease or buy to suit the needs of various sizes of operators.

In summary, Guardforce’s Smart Cash Deposit Machine offers cash-orientated businesses the ability to simplify and secure the procedure of cash counting and storing, allowing them to save time and manpower costs, all the while improving access to accurate data 24/7. These benefits are all invaluable when dealing with an unpredictable tourist market.

Guardforce Smart Cash Deposit Machine

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