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Guardforce Macau Leads Local Security Industry’s Advances With 30-Year History

Guardforce was the very first security company in Macau when it was set up on August 30, 1990. Throughout 30 years, with tremendous support from the Macau government, enterprises and individual customers, we contributed to enhancing Macau’s security with professional cash-in-transit, guarding, and electronic security services, and reinforced our leading position in Macau’s security industry. In our 30 years of history, we took the lead in the industry to evolve and advance with time. We thank all customers and partners for the generous support over the years, giving Guardforce Macau the impetus to pursue the vision of “Innovating for the Future Beyond 30 Years”.

Guardforce Macau committed to serving with cutting-edge innovation

As the vanguard of Macau’s security industry, Guardforce takes the lead in applying technology to foster people-oriented products and services in recent years. We have introduced smart solutions to augment elderly care. In the face of COVID-19, we have pioneered integrated smart solutions, using robotics for body temperature monitoring and disinfection to counter COVID-19. We also have leveraged IoT and big data technologies to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience for customers in step with the smart city development. Committed to the Guardforce Group’s vision: “We deliver innovative solutions, fortified security and genuine care for the community, with the foresight to identify evolving needs”, Guardforce Macau will continue to contribute to Macau’s prosperity and security.

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