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Guardforce Macau Secures The Anti-Epidemic Frontline For Crowne Plaza Macau

Crowne Plaza Macau has adopted Guardforce Macau’s Concieguard and VirusGuard to reinforce its anti-epidemic efforts and keep customers and staff safe from the pandemic.

The smart Conciegard is set up at the hotel’s entrance to automatically track the body temperatures of all guests and quickly identify anyone that has a high temperature. By having the smart robot greet guests, it reduces contact between staff and the large number of guests visiting the hotel, so as to enhance public health safety for all parties. The Concieguard also delivers multiple functions such as visitor registration, customer service and staff attendance monitoring to elevate the service level and efficiency.

The VirusGuard is programmed to sanitise every corner of the hotel lobby with sterilisation aerosol. It serves to keep the public space free of pathogens and minimise health risks for cleaners. The chlorine dioxide and phytoncide disinfectant is certified as safe for human through lab tests.

Guardforce’s Anti-epidemic Integrated Solution leverages cutting-edge technology to form an effective first line of public health defence during the pandemic, keeping frontline workers safe and reducing their workload while ensuring a high standard of public hygiene. It is most advantageous for public facilities such as hotels, schools and shopping malls.

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