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SMART cleaning pioneered by Guardforce Macau

In developing a smart city, smart waste management is as important as smart security, smart traffic or smart energy. Using big data analyses to enhance operations and monitoring of waste disposal can create long-term benefits for Macau’s public and private facilities and the environment.


The comprehensive solution for waste management, presented by Guardforce Macau, facilitates the works of waste collectors by gauging rubbish bin conditions at large facilities real-time, using industry-leading cloud-based software with the latest IoT smart sensor and smart waste bin technology. With the solution, waste management companies can efficiently, in an environmentally friendly way, deal with overflowing bins and collect waste only when it’s not necessary. No more bad hygiene or lack of information for facilitating waste disposal! Collection trucks can make fewer trips, which contributes to reducing roadside emissions.

Ultrasonic  Sensor to Detect Fill-up Level

Embedded inside the smart bin, the smart sensor detects a bin’s fill-level and then send data to the cloud-based platform for monitoring and data analytics.    

Trash Compactor With Solar-Powered

The solar-powered trash compactor integrated in the bin will activate and compact waste when the content of a bin reaches a pre-set level. This means a bin can hold up to 8 times more waste, and waste collection frequency can be reduced by up to 80%.

Safety Detection

An intelligent safety sensor in each bin ensures safety for users at all times. Waste compaction will stop the instant a human hand is detected. If a bin’s content catches fire, the in-bin fire detection sensor will immediately issue an alert to the dashboard, while automatically launching the fire extinguishing function.

Fleet Management Platform

Through a single dashboard, waste management teams can monitor smart bins in various locations, and map collection route and schedule based on real-time data accordingly. It means no wasted trip to remote sites to empty relatively unfilled bins. As well as optimising operational efficiency, it also means fewer collection trucks on the road.

Where to deploy Guardforce Smart BINs

It is smart waste management to place Guardforce Macau smart bins in heavily used indoor and outdoor facilities in Macau, such as casinos, theme parks, city centres, campuses, hospitals, Skytrain LTR stations, airport, bus terminals, offices buildings, schools or convention centres.

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