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UVC LED Sanitizing Lighting

Make your lighting anti-viral too!


Don’t underestimate the risks of Covid-19 even if the case number appears to be in decline! The sneaky virus can rear its ugly head in mutated forms anytime we let our guard down. Take precautions, other than having vaccines, wearing face masks and maintaining personal hygiene, there must be other proactive sanitizing measures that directly inactivate viruses and eliminate sources of infection. UVC-LED technology, the LATEST TECHNOLOGY for disinfection, can sanitize a large area as soon as the light switch is turned on, with greater advantages in terms of cost, minimizing risk and seamlessly integrated into a space.

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Aerospace Technology Originated from NASA Space Station

UVC LED sanitizing barThe UVC-LED sterilization technology was invented by US company SETI 20 years ago. It was used to build the NASA space station sterilization system for sterilizing and purifying a space, air and water. Now, the technology has been transformed for daily commercial use, with the chip size reduced to the size of a strand of hair. It is affordable and economical to use on a daily basis.

The LED precisely controls the wavelength of UV and refines the UV energy within the range of 260-280nm wavelength, with the strongest penetration and bactericidal effect. The UV light of 100-240nm wavelength has been eliminated, so there is ozone-free UV light that will not decompose oxygen and produce toxic ozone.

Benefits of UVC-LED Sterilization

This state-of-art technology delivers numerous benefits:

  • Eco-friendly, as no hardware or disinfectant are used
  • Cost-efficient as light is free
  • Highly effective as UV-C can kill all infectious viruses in the air in the entire space
  • Simple to set up, no labor is required and no need to change the power supply system
  • Convenient one-time installation and no ventilation is needed
  • Non-toxic and safe to use
  • Long life span

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6 layers of intelligent protection

  • The system has built-in features with easy automated monitoring to ensure it runs at the optimal level and absolutely safe.
  • Automatically turn on and off during unattended hours Each sterilizer comes with an intelligent human body protection system and will auto shut down if human presence is detected
  • Self-check feature ensures the system always works properly
  • The intelligent protection system can deactivate the Manual Switch, and allows only designated staff to turn on the disinfection mode to prevent misuse
  • Timing function to control the maximum disinfection duration to minimize risk
  • Flashing lights and color changes to warn and remind people to leave the space when the disinfection mode is on

The system comes with a Smart APP Control that can remotely control the on-off anytime, anywhere. It is certified in the EU and the US, with authoritative reports to prove its effectiveness. It has also won numerous top design awards globally.

With its diverse benefits and easy application, this technology can be used anywhere, including confined spaces such as washrooms or elevators, or large open spaces such as offices, restaurants and public facilities.


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