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GuardSolutions, a Guardforce group company established since 2017 in Macau, offers technology-based security solutions, complementing the market-leading Cash logistics and Security Personnel solutions provided by Guardforce (Macau) Limited to complete Guardforce’s services to the Macau market.

GuardSolutions’s main services are designed to enhance the security, safety and the well-being of targeted users through innovative technology-based solutions designed to elevate accuracy and operational efficiency without relying on manpower.

We are proud to be the pioneer in the Macau market offering the first facial recognition-empowered Anti-wandering Solution adopted by NGOs, and using disinfection robotics in some luxury brands’ events to provide peace of mind during the pandemic. Riding on the Macau government’s sustainability initiatives, we also offer state-of-the-art innovative bins for processing general rubbish and food waste recycling to improve the efficiency of waste collection, reduce road emissions and make recycling an easy task.

Our solutions:

Electronic Security

Smart Care Solutions

Smart Sanitation Solutions


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